Here are some pics of our most recent past events!

We stepped into 2012 with our popular

Dragon Beard Candy Shows!

Starring Singapore's one and only authentic Dragon Beard Candy lady, Mdm Ho Lili and Comedian Actress and Straits Times' Face of 2012, Abigail Chay!

Mdm Ho Lili also happens to be the World Record Holder of the Longest Dragon Beard Candy.


See how crowded our shows are...

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On 24th April 2010, We launched Singapore's One and Only Multi~language:

Happy Talk Show!

This is a show that encourages active ageing and is performed in multilanguages in Mandarin, English, Cantonese and Hokkien.

Since then, Happy Talk Show had toured to various Shopping Malls, Public Libraries and even to special estates and neighbourhoods! More info. below.

Happy Talk Show!

24th April: Happy Talk Show Concert at IMM Garden Plaza

9th May: Happy Talk Show goes to the Library

24th May: Heart~to~Heart Talk on Happy Talk Show!

27th June: Happy Talk show goes Crazy about Food!

31st July: Happy Talk Shows Celebrates Singapore's National Day with "All for one, One for All" Musical Show!

We did various private show tours and public library tours in the months of August 2010 to February 2010.

Join Abigail Chay in this edutainment talk show where she performs hilarious skits and funny songs in the "olden days’ streets performance" style!

Employing interactive presentations and using gongs and cymbals to attract everyone’s attention, Abigail will spread her unique brand of happiness to her audience and teach everyone her unique brand of happy exercise!

In July 2010, Stage elegance's Nostalgia team of Artistes had been invited to staged authentic traditional Chinese Opera Human and Puppet Performances at the Singapore's Food Festival for 10 consecutive days!

Since then, Stage Elegance is now even more well known to deliever authentic Chinese Opera Performances to major institutions and companies!



A private Show for a private investor and his guests initially but eventually opened for ticket sales to the public

Interactive Drama Show - Hong Kong styled, Puppets Cabaret, "live" magaic and entertainment of yesteryears!

Now opened for Singapore Companies booking -Tailor-made shows to suit your event!

Back By Popular Demand!

The Dragon Beard Candy Show

Demonstrating Dragon Beard Candy is so yesterday... Watch how we sing, dance and entertain our way as we also explain the history and making of Dragon Beard Candy!

Our Dragon Beard Candy lady is the only authentic one in Singapore and is the record holder for Singapore's and some say the World's Longest Dragon beard Thread holder. This amazing feat is accomplished at Singapore Expo in 2009!

Interactive Shows for Everyone

Celebrate Dumpling Festival with The Comedian and Puppets!

Tourists were amazed and Singaporeans were entertained
We reanact the history of Dumpling Festival with Puppets and Comedians! Since June 2007

Touring Shows for Dinner and Dances

Jazz Elegance

At Sofitel Bangkok and Hua Hing (Thailand) 1st to 20th November 2006

Performing on stage are: Japanese Pianist: Aya Sekine, Bassists William Gathright and American drummer Eddie Laymen

An Emsemble of musicians performing anywhere, anytime!

Asian Fantasy - Sexy Adult themed Entertainment

Asian Fantasy Cabaret Shows; featuring impersonating artists.

June 2007 (Sembawang Air Base)
June 2007 (Paya Lebar Air Base)

CaBARet Elegance - Stylishly Themed Entertainment

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